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Half Term Holidays

I am on holiday from school. Mummy had a sleepover in my room last night and it was fab. We talked lots and had lots of hugs.

The other day we saw a spider in the park. He was in his web, and he was wrapping up a fly for his dinner. I don't like flies.

Today when we went to the park, we bought ice cream. I had a flake AND sauce on mine. Then, after we walked the dogs around and ate our ice creams, I went to bounce on the trampoline. Mummy talked to the man who was looking after the trampoline while I bounced. He and mummy like the same kind of music.

Then we went to the optician to pick up my glasses from being mended. Then we booked my birthday party, except I'm not supposed to tell people about that till I have designed the invitations. Then we got the bus home. I like getting the bus. I said "thank you" to the driver. Then I ate a muffin that [personal profile] matgb made. and THEN mummy trimmed my nails. At first I didn't want her to, but she showed me pictures of NASTY nails on the computer. They were HORRIBLE. So I let her trim mine. I don't want MY nails to get nasty.

I want to add pictures to my posts but mummy says I haven't got image hosting set up yet. I hope she will sort it out soon.

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Hooray for holidays! :)

Yes, it's best to keep your toe and finger nails nice and neat. Otherwise, you end up looking like a horrible creature that lives in a cave.