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I return after another ridiculously long gap and have discovered the wonder of polls!

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It's been a very long time. I haven't been here since 2010. I had completely forgotten I had an account here, but having been shown this, I can probably use this again if I want to. It's 2016 now, so lots has changed since then. I hope nobody minds.

I'm going to have to learn the interface and how it works. Figuring it out may not be too difficult.
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I have been off school today because of the snow. Mummy and Mat and I watched Stargate Atlantis, and then we had Spaghetti Bolognese for tea. Mine had lots of cheese on top. I cuddled Cuddles a lot too. Cuddles is my new cuddly giraffe. I got her from Santa at the model village in Devon.

Mister Mat showed me how to send a text message, and I sent one to my daddy. He hasn't replied yet.

I love my family.

I'm off to bed now, talk to you all later.


Jun. 17th, 2009 09:04 pm
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Tonight Mister Mat and I made buns, then while they were cooling we went to get mummy from work, then when mummy got home we made icing and iced them. We made some plain icing, and some pink vanilla (which is my favourite) and some chocolate icing.

I got to lick ALL the bowls out :)

I have to go get ready for bed now. Bye!
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I am on holiday from school. Mummy had a sleepover in my room last night and it was fab. We talked lots and had lots of hugs.

The other day we saw a spider in the park. He was in his web, and he was wrapping up a fly for his dinner. I don't like flies.

Today when we went to the park, we bought ice cream. I had a flake AND sauce on mine. Then, after we walked the dogs around and ate our ice creams, I went to bounce on the trampoline. Mummy talked to the man who was looking after the trampoline while I bounced. He and mummy like the same kind of music.

Then we went to the optician to pick up my glasses from being mended. Then we booked my birthday party, except I'm not supposed to tell people about that till I have designed the invitations. Then we got the bus home. I like getting the bus. I said "thank you" to the driver. Then I ate a muffin that [personal profile] matgb made. and THEN mummy trimmed my nails. At first I didn't want her to, but she showed me pictures of NASTY nails on the computer. They were HORRIBLE. So I let her trim mine. I don't want MY nails to get nasty.

I want to add pictures to my posts but mummy says I haven't got image hosting set up yet. I hope she will sort it out soon.
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I am going to the cinema in a few minutes with mummy and Mat. We are going to see Star Trek. I like Star Trek, especially Mister Spock. We have watched all the trailers on the computer and it looks very cool. Mummy said I might have to hold her hand in the scary bits, though. I had to do that when we watched Sarah-Jane too. Mummy is a big soppy.
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Mummy has set me up a DW account. Because DW separates out subscription from access, mummy thought it would be much more suitable for me than LJ, although my old account there will be updated when I post to DW, just like mummy.

I hope to update this fairly regularly, when mummy has shown me how. Mummy will, of course, be keeping an eye on me and making sure I am OK when I post. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures that I have drawn for you all to look at.

I want mummy to make me a Batman icon for when I post again. I love Batman.


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